Terms of use

Webinspire, LLC (Provider or Service Provider) BC 12222906, Raudtee 74, Tallinn 11619 on has developed web based invoice software (Service or System) and offers this service on URL www.billesta.com to its customers (User).

We ask you to read through these terms carefully. In case of additional questions please contact us via e-mail info@billesta.com

Provider reserves the right to make changes in terms without prior notice to its users. The current terms will be always visible at www.billesta.com/terms.

If your methods of using this Service will go against the terms governed by Provider, your user account will be deleted without warning.

1. Account terms

You must be at least 16 sixteen years old to use this Service. By signing up to Service you will be asked to provide your full name or e-mail address or both.

You are fully responsible for your account privacy. Provider is not responsible of any kind of data leaks due poorly protected methods of using. Including leakage of your client information, products and services information and your own company data with e-mail and password.

One user can have only one free "starter" account.

2. Payments and access

To make payments, there must be a valid personal / business credit card or other bank payments allowing card / pin calculator. Credit card must be personally associated with the user or the user must be authorized to make this payment. Please forward the proxy before making any payment to info@billesta.com. Credit card or a bank card / pin-calculator is not required when registering free "starter" package.

The service provider has established a price list which can be found at www.billesta.com/invoice-system. The whole service offering goes according to that list, and payments are not refundable. The payments are non-refundable. No exceptions will be made.

User pays for Service in advance.

Provider will not charge fees from users credit card automatically. Every payment has to be initiated by user himself.

3. Prices and changes

Service Provider reserves the right to change the prices at any time without notice for users.

Prepaid account will be serviced with price that was prepaid until the end of its period. The new price applies only to the next prepayment period.

4. Canceling the Service and Account Closing

User is fully responsible for the proper deletion of his account. Account and data will be deleted if the prepayment period has run out and a new prepayment is not made within 3 months. Account will not be deleted if contacting us by the e-mail, snailmail, or by telephone. The only way to delete an account is wait to prepayment run out  + 3 months.

After that all data located in your user account will be deleted. User account with access will be deleted as well.

The service provider reserves the right to temporarily or permanently suspend the user's account when any suspicion of misuse of data or system will be discovered. Prepayments are not refundable.

Service is Webinspire, LLC 's intellectual property.

Manipulating source code in what ever way, loading scripts, worms or automating, modification is strongly prohibited.

Mistahes viisil koodide, skriptide ja programmide lisamine süsteemi ja selle modifitseerimine või automatiseerimine on rangelt keelatud. In case of doubts Provider will notify law enforcement agencies about violations with logs and the offender's will be dealt in accordance with the law.

It is also prohibited to copy or duplicate any codes or scripts from the system.

6. General terms

Provider will not transmit User information to third parties.

The service provider does not store credit card data on servers in any form.

By signing up in Service you agree fully with terms provided by Provider. You accept that service is offered as it is and as you see and can use it. No exceptions will be made to Users. No modifications will be made to fulfill User's extra needs. User takes the whole risk of proper use of system and Provider makes everything possible to reduce risks.

You agree that system cannot be duplicated, re-created or copied in any ways without Providers permission. The User is strictly forbidden to use system for transmitting spam, worms or other malicious data that can harm systems correct performance and reputation.

You understand that system is developed to transmit information. It means the information transaction initiated by user is going through internet in non-encrypted state.

You are strictly prohibited to use system to transmit viruses, worms or other malicious content.

Service Provider and its affiliates / resellers wont give any guarantees to your ability to use, your satisfaction, systems flawless uptime, mathematical calculations and that all errors will be fixed immediately. User has full rights to discontinue use of the system.

All issues are resolved between the parties, orally or in writing.

All questions addressed on terms, errors or bugs has to be sent to info@billesta.com